Sai Thrinath

Research Assistant

Sai Thrinath Gunda is a current Data Science Master’s student at Columbia University. Before Columbia, Thrinath had 4.5 years of experience in using Big Data technologies and Data Science techniques to solve challenging business problems.

Thrinath spent 2.5 years at Citigroup where he worked on data analysis, multiple machine learning projects that helped reduce Citigroup’s credit loss . For these projects, he designed graph networks, rule-based algorithms, and deep learning models. Prior to Citigroup, Thrinath worked at Cognizant Technology Solutions for 2 years where he started his career as a Big Data Developer and built experience in Data engineering. Thrinath brings years of experience in the industry with an ability to collaborate seamlessly and deliver data-driven solutions.

Thrinath holds a degree in Electrical Engineering from Indian Institute of Technology Bhubaneswar. Outside of work, Thrinath enjoys creating memes.